Monday, January 20, 2014

Theme of the Week: Dinosaurs Freebie!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday :) I wanted to share my latest Freebie Friday with you today! Many preschoolers, including my 4 year old niece, LOVE dinosaurs and have requested that we use them into our "Theme of the Week". So, of course I had to plan some speech therapy activities incorporating these historical creatures. Below you can take a look at what we did!

The first activity requires the students to categorize foods, school items, and animals. 

The second activity targets production of regular past tense verbs in an exciting dinosaur themed game! 
Have your players pick a card from the pile and correctly identify the regular past verb in the sentence provided. In the upper right hand corner, there will be a picture of either a dinosaur or volcano. Players can sort their dinosaur cards onto their mats. The first player to collect all three different dinosaurs wins (volcanos don’t count)! The directions are provided!

Lastly, I made three different play-doh mats to target receptive and expressive vocabulary skills, following directions, and pragmatics!

Clothing/Weather Concepts:
Work on Receptive and Expressive Language Tasks when playing with play-doh! Give directions to “put the play-doh on the hat” or “roll play- doh on something you wear on your feet”.

I love using these with my spectrum kiddos! This is great when targeting emotions or pronouns “he” and “she”. Have them identify and express the girl’s or boy’s facial emotions.

All in all, this was a great week! My students had a blast and were really motivated this week when using dinosaur themed materials. What do your preschoolers request to play with? Thanks for reading today's Tip Tuesday and App Reivew. Come on back next week for more!! Please follow me on Twitter and on my TeachersPayTeachers account for your most updated tips and FREE materials!

Get your Freebie HERE!

Have a great week everyone :)

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  1. Really interesting information you have shared! These activities should be practiced in every pre-k as there, children can learn better things and it also helps with their mental and academic growth. Will request my child’s teacher of Phoenix pre-k to get these activities done too.